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Terrence (Terry) Kurzynski, M.S.

Expert witness/consultant specializing in litigation concerning bacterial food borne and nosocomial outbreaks, molecular sub-typing using Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE), bacterial bioterrorism agents and other areas of public health and clinical bacteriology. Thirty-three years of experience working at the highly regarded State of Wisconsin Public Health Laboratory.

Client Services:

Competent professional Testifying Expert and Litigation Consultant services in areas including:

  • Use of PFGE data in the investigation and/or resolution of foodborne and nosocomial bacterial infections.
  • Food and medical product liability.
  • Bioterrorism agent related liability issues.
  • Medical malpractice in the areas of clinical and public health bacteriology.
  • In all of the above areas, provide expert testimony, professional consulting with documentation, written critiques of depositions and literature research reports.

Expert Witness Experience Since 2005:

Successfully served as an expert witness on behalf of a food manufacturer, their food distributer, and the implicated restaurant, who were all unjustly accused of being responsible for a Campylobacter infection.

Served as an expert witness on behalf of a small restaurant that was unjustly accused of being responsible for a Campylobacter infection with unusually serious sequelae. Plaintiff dropped the 3 million dollar claim due to lack of supporting evidence, as I made clearly evident in my written report.

Testified in court on behalf of the Sizzler Restaurant's case against the Excel Corporation for providing adulterated meat that led to a 12 million dollar loss in business. Jury awarded the Sizzler Restaurant 8.1 million dollars.

Served as an expert witness and gave a deposition in support of litigation involving a young girl's tragic death caused by an Escherichia coli O157:H7 infection acquired at a Milwaukee Sizzler Restaurant. Case was against the Excel Corporation and was settled out of court for 10.5 million dollars.

Wrote two expert witness reports and gave a deposition regarding litigation involving a Salmonella enteritidis outbreak in a nursing home and a related independent living facility. One death was involved. Three cases settled out of court.

Served as an expert witness and wrote a report regarding litigation involving a case of Legionella pneumophila acquired at a health spa. Case settled out of court.

Provided expert witness consultation to an attorney involved in a large outbreak of Norovirus at a wedding.

Provided expert witness consultation to an attorney involved in a case of Escherichia coli O157:H7 induced HUS related to consumption of contaminated spinach.

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